Data connection not wanted

Hello! I was abroad lately and the FP2 connected to roaming data despite both roaming and data
connection were disabled. That caused the provider (Vodafone) to charge me the fee for “Vodafone passport” (twice 6€ from Brazil and 3€ from France so far). I’d like this to be solved, please.
Looking forward to receiving a solution from the FP2 staff, I send you my best regards.

Settings - Data usage and turn off mobile data at both SIM cards.

But check also Settings - More - Cellular network settings if data roaming is disabled at both SIM cards.

Yes, that’s what I did already… That’s why I am surprised that Vodafone detected 20’(!!) Of connection one day and 5 yesterday.
Now I am abroad and would like to avoid spending more with no reason…

It’s very surprising. Look at Data Usage if your FP2 sent/received mobile data in the last time. You could also check if Vodafone still detects usage when the SIM card is removed from the phone.

You probably won’t receive an answer from staff here. If you wish that, please send a new support request. But you have to wait several weeks for an answer.

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