Data connection failure on EE UK after FP3 Update 901.4.A.0019.1

I have the same problem after every update since Android 11. The workaround is setting Network type to 2G, reboot and after that reset to 4G/3G/2G.


Sadly that is not ‘the’ workaround although it may work for you and some others, but thanks for the update.

Where I reside I don’t have good network signal and use Wi-Fi so I am not bothered but had reason to go to the local village and try out your idea.

Before I left my setting was Auto (4G, 3G, 2G) When I tried to change it the only options I had and still have after reboots and walking around are LTE or 3G. So I have no auto and no 2G ??? Maybe it’s just a network signal anomaly in this area.

Switching between them has no effect on data availability.

Thanks and all the best

Just to note an anomaly.

I was about to leave home, where I have no signal and disabled Wi-Fi and enabled network and data. As I walked away I picked up a signal and data connection. Checked one of my websites for updates and all was fine.

Once I’d lost the network connection the data did not come back up whilst I walked through 4G, LTE+, LTE, 3G and E

I thought for a minute that EE and Fairphone had sorted it :frowning:

Hi everyone, I’m having the same issue with EE in the UK, tech support from EE don’t seem to have a clue, I’ve tried everything mentioned above /on forums from resetting APN to full factory reset, the sim status shows it’s getting a signal, but that the mobile internet is disconnected, really frustrating, been three days now without mobile data, which I really need!

Updated android and now cannot use mobile internet - it happened with last update but that resolved by resetting APN. This time I’ve tried APN reset, reboot, factoru reset nothing works. It says it’s connected but only gprs?? Really frustrating - feels like phone is ruined! Any ideas would be appreciated, I’ve sent a ticket but they take ages to reply

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No fresh updates on my end I’m afraid. Last contact regarding my ticket on the 28th, just to say it was being looked into. Fairphone ticket raised 17th December. Good luck searching for the solution!

There’s no point in looking for a solution as a fix is already in the pipeline awaiting Google certification. ETA unknown.


I fixed this issue by setting up a new APN with ipv4 & ipv6 enabled. The default only has ipv4. All the other settings are the same as the default ‘everywhere’ APN, the password is ‘secure’. Perhaps EE are running low on IPv4 addressees.


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I noticed this difference between my two FP3s so thanks for confirming. Let’s hope this will work for others too.

All the best

Have you tried enabling IPv6 in your APN? Fixed it for me.

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What @ostergaard is referring to is.

Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access point names >

then for both Internet and MMS

APN protocol and ( APN roaming protocol if you want to use roaming)



Ah I tried this and didn’t work for me, really annoying! Thanks everyone let’s hope the patch to fix it comes out ASAP :+1:

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Just to be sure, you may well have to reboot the phone before it takes effect.

I don’t have to reboot, and can reliably disable and enable my data simply by editing the APN I added. My phone is not rooted, which I assume is why I cannot edit the default APN so had to add a new one.

Have you tried enabling IPv6 in the APN? Details in earlier posts.

Thank you both for this.
I don’t seem to be able to edit it? It’s all greyed out on the Edit access point screen. I tried tapping on it 7 times but that didn’t work :wink:

On the plus side, at least my roaming data worked - obviously not on EE.

Seems this applies to you as well (just a side note: this has nothing to do with root)

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Add a new APN - see details elsewhere in the thread.

Ah, I found the Add (+) button. It’s worked! Thank you so much, ostergaard and amoun.
It’s been a bit frustrating not being able to check routes when I’m out on my bike.

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