Data connection and wifi simple widget


I need a simple data connection and wifi simple widget. I would l’ile to simple switch on and off the connections and the wifi.
How could I find and install one ?

It’s already on your phone.
Just swipe from top to bottom.
Now tap on the icon of a puppet surrounded by 5 dots far right on top of the screen.
There you can switch on and off the data connection and the wifi.


I’ve downloaded Power Toggles App which allows you to select a power control bar widget. I see on my widget that it is the POWER TOGGLE widget but also another one calls POWER CONTROL, I don’t really know if the second one is preinstall with the phone, maybe you could check it.

@Subver You don’t need any app. Please swipe from top to bottom on your homescreen.
Tap on the icon of a puppet surrounded by 5 dots far right on top of the screen.
You will be surprised.

I know that, but I prefer the power toggles widget; it is so simple and you don’t need to swipe and then tap and tap again, just tap on a bar in the screen-menu. I think this is what @ppayot is looking for.

@Subver Power control is preinstalled on the FP.

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Yes but in does not seem to include the “Data connection” feature.

Pierre Payot

@ppayot this one might suit you: NetInfo Widget (Widget for network connectivity) -

Not particularly attractive, though…

I use FPs default ‘Power Control’ widget for toggling wifi and gps on/off. For mobile data I use cdroid’s DataOnOff from google playstore. Not open source, alas, but I’m no zealot :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I understand, then, again, I suggest you Power Toggles, you can set up to 7 option, like data connection, bluetooth, flash, airplane mode, gps, sync, ecc, I’m very satisfied with this app.

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