Damaged FP "out-of-the-box" but no answer from support team

As I unboxed my FP I had to notice a little “chipping” on the inside of the display glass. I wonder why this was not noticed on the final check at the production line. But anyway…
I sent a support request friday but didn’t get an answer yet.
I’m a little bit disapointed because the support takes plenty of time although this damage is not the customers fault.



Hi @Timo1 - this is a shame that you’ve had this as your first experience of Fairphone. I know the support team have been very busy so there may be a delay in getting back to you. I would suggest as yours is an issue relating to a fault with the phone on arrival that if possible you try contacting FP support by phone. Details are at the bottom of this page

If you can’t get through or can’t call them, let me know and I’ll flag this up to see if we can get you a speedier response.

Thank you, Chris, for your immediate answer!
I called the support hotline this morning, but all the lady told me was that this can take another week?!?!
I would appreciate if you could try to get me a speedier response, because if an official answer takes another week, the return and replacement will probably take another one or two weeks, so I´m without a phone for
at least 3 weeks. That wouldn´t be nice…

Thank you and regards,


BTW: That´s my second FP! The first one was a gift.

It seems to be that my case is similar. “Chipping” would be described better with kind of ice crystal structure starting from one position at the edge of display glass. This is a brand new phone, too.
I just started communicating with support team.