Cyanogenmod 11 for Fairphone FP1(U) Install guide + experiences

I think the problem is always the same as the Ubuntu Touch phone (Ubuntu phone on FP1, (similar hardware as the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu)).
once you’ve got the source for the SoC, you’ll need all the other source (camera, GPS, …) to get cyanogenmod working flawless on FP…
and i think that there is something going on with fairphone and cyanogen mod. The FP team never mention the ROM as something possible for our beloved phone (if you read all the statement about the future of FP, you’ll notice that Ubuntu, Firefox OS, are both considered as possibilities…this does not regard the CM).
let’s see what happend with the FP2.
also…the android one project is financed by google…that means money…a lot of (money that mediatek will enjoy a lot! :smile: ). I think that that’s the main reason why android one will have source code released and fairphone will not

I thought that the reply I made into this thread whould show up here as well, so just a brief comment that I posted a possible related issue regarding another custom rom, MIUI, on this other thread.

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Google says that those MTK Droid Root & Tools are virus-infected… I don’t want to risk my Windows so is there any chance to get this ROM on the FP with official/secure tools?

Maybe they say this to avoid using alternative software? :wink:
If you’re worried about virus and/or malwares you could use a virtual machine on which install this tools, in order to avoid installing them on your main system :smile:


There are no official tools for it. Droid Root & Tools seems fairly stable / secure to me. Check out their thread on

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Hey everyone!
As it is quite unlikely to get a fix for Stagefright bug at this stage I can only recommend everyone still using Cyanogenmod to perform one of these measures:

  1. Install App TextSecure and use it as a replacement for your SMS and MMS program. TextSecure is the only alternative SMS / MMS Program I know of, which is by default not prone to attacks using the stagefright bug. See also.
  2. If you would like to keep using Hangouts or the standard SMS / MMS app or any other Messaging App for receiving MMs. Please check, that you have deactivated automatic MMS download.

Anyway: Please don’t open MMS from unknown sources anyway.



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AFAIK the Stagefright bug doesn’t involve only content provided through MMS but there are other security flaws which are activated by simply opening bad multimedia content.
Would it be possible to simply copy the corrected Stagefright libraries on a CM installation? Please consider I don’t know so much about CM so I’m simply applying what I did to test the fix before updating to 1.8.7 using a beta released FP OS.
Bye! :smile:

As the sourcefiles of the CM are up on github, one could try applying the commits performed to fix the bug to the Fairphone repository and build a new version. For that you have to find out what the relevant commits are for CM 11 device and kernel source files.
I could give that a try in the next days / weeks, but in all likelyhood I’ll be in the alps for the next days completely off smartphone and computers.
For what I’s worth a testing environment to evaluate the changes would be an optimum, as for me I have no idea right now how to set it up…

Plus: Right now I have no idea how to find out if people are still using CM for Fairphone. If not, I see little use in using my device as a testing device (and possibly bricking it) for an OS, which no one is using anymore.


I understand your point, FWIW I tested the correctness of the patch by installing the Zimperium app and it said I wasn’t affected by the bug, but I don’t know if it is easy to you do the same without the need of rebuilding a CM image.
On top of all I thank you for your efforts and your good job! :smile:

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as there seems to be no real interest from the community into a CM 11 fix for FP1, I stopped working on an update. If you want to pick up where I left it, see:

If you are in need of a basic fix for CM11, I’d recommend installing that fix:

put file in /system
cd /system
patch < stagefright.patch


I would be highly interested, but afaik, there is no usable version of CM for FP1 yet, is there?

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I’m using it with less issues than my gf with her FPOS, but that’s just my two cents.Other then that it is and will not (probably) ever be feature complete (bluetooth, video capturing,…) if that’s what you are referring to…

For me not having dual sim is a deal breaker. Or have I missed a fix?

depends on what you need. Simple calling and 3g should work…

Oh, I didn’t know that. Maybe I should give it a try again.

Hi all. I’m really interested to give this build of CM11 a go on my phone, but I can’t seem to access the domain “” at all. I live in Melbourne, and have been trying for about a week to try and get the necessary zip file. I can’t imagine why my ISP would block it. Does it still work in Europe/elsewhere? Or does anyone still have a copy of it? Perhaps if the site still works for other people I’ll try downloading through a VPN or Tor.

Hey Nord,

unfortunately this site is down everywhere and the problem ist well known. Chrmhoffmann (the author) has not yet replied to people asking him to reupload the file in xda-dev (I would be thankful for that as well).
I was trying to build CM 11 again for FP but have been unsuccessful so far. You are welcome to pick up from there:


Thanks for the reply!

Perhaps he’s having a break for a while, fair enough. Yeah I might have a go at building it someday if I get time, but probably not for a while, if at all. So unfortunate that there were no other mirrors, but I guess it was still an early beta-project after all.