Customize Lockscreen & Automatically shut off/on of FP2

I have seen similar topics here, but I did not find a good answer for me. Therefore, sorry if it might be dubble posted, somehow.

I just got the FP2 (Android 6.0.1) and I am happy with it, but I would love to have some adaptions. Maybe you can help me on how to do that.

  1. I understand that Fairphone is shipping with a fork of the official, original Google lockscreen. Anyhow, I would like to change the lockscreen to get rid of the battery % info for example. Do you have any recommendations, like apps or settings?

  2. What can I do to extend battery life? In earlier android version (on FP1 e.g.) it was possible to schedule to shut the phone on and off for a specified time (e.g. during the night). Now, it seems to be forbidden for apps to get access to that and also to toggling flight modus as an alternative. Do you have any recommendations, like apps or settings?

  3. With FP1 there was a very nice function which shuts off WIFI when the phone is not in use. How to set this up with FP2?

Just install any lockscreen you like (or launcher that comes with a lockscreen). You could also #dic:root your phone, install #dic:xposed and #dic:gravitybox to tweak things like this.

In general: Check out the #batteryguide!

This was actually never good for battery life, because one reboot uses more %age than one night in flight mode.

Well if you still want it you’ll need #dic:root for that too.

I’m sure there are apps for that too, but they’ll probably also need #dic:root.


It is still possible. Go to “Settings” → “Wi-Fi” → “…” in the upper right corner → “Advanced” → “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”.


Another option would be switching to LineageOS, which is based on Android 7.1 and significantly improves battery life. At least it does in my configuration (LineageOS with microG versus FP OS with GMS, which I ran before.).

Honestly, I think this function just don´t work, at least I don´t see any sign of its functioning. Although I cannot proove it.

Doesn´t really change anything to battery life which is less than a day, non extensive use of the phone. FP1 with non-fairphone replacement battery lastet much longer :frowning:

If you have access to the web interface of your Wi-Fi base station, you can look there. In most cases, there is a list of currently connected devices. I don’t know how long it takes for the FP2 to disconnect after the screen turned off.


Thanks for all posts!
It looks like that FP OS 8.01.1 did the job and healed the battery, I will see …

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