Customers, a species of camplainers?

Whereas the points you make are interesting, the tone in your final paragraph is rather intolerant of others views and tends to be a little insulting.

But hey! this is a place to complain so what am I complaining about :slight_smile:

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I agree with you and the 4 points but not on the last paragraph.

This forum was much more friendly before even when people complained. I think I am getting old to say something like this :grin:

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Clearly not old enough; :rofl:
Age is supposed to be second youth :slight_smile:

they should be ashamed > Heard it all before :frowning:

The oh so knowledgable youth that think they know what people should and should not do.

OH! and age is a state of mind ???

  1. Yes, but if the batteries are replaceable…

  2. They allow an alternative via USB-C <-> 3.5 mm or even USB-C <-> USB-C (I bet the latter works on e.g. Sony WH1000XM4 cause I was able to get a Logitech dongle working as well).

  3. I actually got a gaming headset (Logitech) which can work wired and wireless. However, it requires a dongle, and that ain’t my cup of tea. Its also too bulky for on the go. Heck, its too bulky to have a baby with head on shoulder.

  4. Every time I need to walk in my house, I don’t have to care about any wire. Do you know how much more safe that is? Do you know I actually damaged the screen of my FP2 because of the bloody 3.5 mm wire in like the first few months? You can’t get stuck with your wire either, cause it ain’t there.

Let me give a counterpoint to your point. Smartphones. They have significantly shorter lifespan than PCs. They’re far less powerful, too. They contain Li-On bombs. Promoting smartphones are THE computer experience contradictory stupid decision ashamed its promoting terrorism yada yada.


Really on the ball there

until your fell off :slight_smile:

Well, you’re right that my last paragraph was overbearing and beside the point.


Still good to get it off your chest, the last thing anyone wants is a load of $#![ in their head. Maybe add a smiley face as well next time or better still


Just be up for the challenges :slight_smile:

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I’m with you on everything except the price. I wasn’t thrilled about the price(s) either, but on the other hand, the new specs will probably allow phone to run newer versions of Android down the road and also to be able to run them better. I think the price hike is due to the switch from the midrange 600-series Snapdragon line to the high-midrange 700-series (5G no less) and also the increases in both storage and RAM.


And compared to the Fairphone 2, which was about 520€ at the beginning, it’s not even that expensive :slight_smile:.


The intro video states at least to Android 15 :slight_smile:

There’s a video that has a wag about the earphone jack being dumped. Get past 4m of video


And keeping in mind that the FP4 comes with a five year warranty, it’s a bargain. That’s five years of guaranteed use and free repairs, two-and-a-half-phone’s worth of warranty in one smartphone.


Some FP4s not if you buy from 1st Jan 2023

Exactly! But just because the OS can run on it doesn’t mean it’ll run well, which is where the 750g comes in.

Not sure what you mean.

Just because the OS

the OS ???
I imagine the OS, Android 11, will run on the FP3 with Snappy 632 so how does that relate to the 750

And what gives you the idea that A11 won’t run well on the 750 or for that matter later verisions?

I guess he is saying that in four to five years, there might be still repairs and support for the phone, but the Apps and OS in 2026 might not be running well on a device with a Qualcomm 750G, but on a newer (nonfair) phone sold in 2025. With a high end CPU from today, it would work better, albeit that is also just mid range or worse in 2026.


No, I’m sure Android 11 runs very well on both them. I’m not not sure how well Android 14 and especially Android 15 will on a 600-series Snapdragon SoC.

The Android 15 is touted for the 750 not the 632

But you never know. I hopefully will be trying the 15 on my FP3 :slight_smile:

You might not know this and I just found out a couple days ago, the 600 series isn’t the old series and the 700 series isn’t the current one. They’re actually different tiers.


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