Customer Support Fairphone vs. Google

I have read an article in French about problems of communication and bad support for Google’s Pixel.
A user explains that after several problems and several discussions with support (which didn’t prove very useful) he has received 4 replacement phones.
There are apparently many other users complaining, but I don’t know much about the issues and cannot check their relevance as I don’t own a Pixel, but I found it very interesting to read this article after reading a lot of people complaining on Fairphone’s support on this forum. Even for a big company like Google and even with a device that costs 900$ (XL version), it is never easy to launch a new product!

Here is the original post of the Pixel owner (in English):

And here is an article about things the Pixel can improve:

A lot of users are happy with the Pixel though! I don’t want to write anything against it, I never even saw one. It’s just the reflection on the support I was interested in.


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