Custom ROMs comparison?

Received my Fairphone 5 yesterday - Now I am thinking about which ROM to use. I do not like stock Fairphone OS too much. In the past on other devives, I used Lineage and Crdroid. What I miss is an overview and comparison between different ROMs. Is there anything. I found of course different ROMs: Lineage OS, CalyxOS, IodeOS and /e/OS. What I am looking for: A basis with as less Google and other spyware as possible. But I must admit, I am not dogmatic. I would like banking apps, Payback (German app), Google Maps and other apps which are not from Fdroid to just work. I would like the ROM to regular update, but being stable, so I do not need to fix stuff all the time. Can anyone compare and make some recommendations?

I don’t know about comparisons, but I have been using /e/OS on Fairphone 5 for a few weeks. It comes with microg and so far I have had one successful OTA update and no issues with banking apps (OP-mobiili, S-Mobiili, Revolut & N26).


How do I put this diplomatically? I’ll try this: The internet is full of people with experiences who have had successes AND failures in this regard… and as a whole there are now these references all over the net, and also what is probably best for which preference.

Why do I say that? You want to find someone who will gather and present all this information for you and who has already thought about what will be best for you. That won’t work. Maybe there will be 20 answers at the end… but they won’t do justice to this claim.


Please use the search function in the forum which will give you a lot information by reading, overall its not device specific.

To facilitate the search for you I added a bunch of tags to your topic you can just click on.

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Take a look here: Comparison of Android ROMs
This is the most advanced comparison with much detailed informations.

I use GMaps WV instead of Google Maps: (it’s basically just a WebView wrapper for Google Maps)


Have a look here Empfehlungsecke • Kuketz IT-Security Blog or here Mike Kuketz tested some Custom ROMs especially regarding security. The articles are in german but that should nor problem today :wink: