Custom Rom and Camera (differentes or comparable?)

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I often used other Roms on my older Phones, but I always had the same problem / thoughts. If i don’t used the original ROM (no matter on which of my last phones) the camera apps made pictures different to the original camaraapp. Sometimes the other ROMs used the same camaraapp, as originaly System. But it seems to see pictures from another app / camera. So my question is, are the pictures comparable in other ROMs to the original ROM?

I prefer to install eOS. So specially I ask for this ROM. Has someone made same Pictures with originaly ROM an eOS and can show them, or tell about (subjectiv) differences?


Did you check out the /e/ users’ forum?

Did you check the pictures Gallery?

Once e/OS is installed the FPOS Camera is deinstalled so you would most likely hardly be able to take the same picture with both

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