Custom ringtones do not work

I’m trying to set a custom ringtone, but every time a select a custom ringtone the phone sticks to a “default” ringtone “Hangouts call” (the last one in the list), although it shows the name of my ringtone as selected ringtone. What I tried is:

  1. put the ringtone-file (mp3 and ogg) in various folders:
    a. /storage/emulated/0/
    b. /storage/emulated/0/Ringtones/
    c. /storage/self/primary/
    d. /storage/self/primary/Ringtones/

  2. downloaded app “Rings Extended” (see and tried to select a ringtone with this app: the app shows all mycustom ringtone-files, but I cannot select any of them (the app simply does not select any of the checkboxes on the left of the files).

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