Currently planning on getting the FP2 in the United States and I have a few questions. Details inside

So I’ve been following this project for quite some time now since I first heard about it from an article in 2014. I only recently joined the forums because I’m ready to finalize my order of this phone. I’ve already checked the frequency bands in my area and it looks like I will be able to get 3g but not 4g capabilities. The SIM should have no problem with the phone and I have multiple chargers at home. Here are the bands that my current provider uses

The main reason I’m getting this is because my current phone, the Oppo Find 5, is on its last legs after being repaired once already. The battery and temperature sensors are basically shot, the vibrating mechanism isn’t working due to the repair (basically was impossible to get in so we had to force it a bit), and the phone isn’t performing nearly as well as it used to. Having a phone that I can repair at home and easily is an absolute dream to me.

Has anyone else used a FP2 in the US? If so, is there anything I should look out for? Also would I have to use a forwarding company to import the phone or does Fairphone allow for shipping to the United States? Finally, if Fairphone ever releases a phone for use on the frequencies that the US uses, would I be able to just buy a new daughterboard with the correct radio or would I have to buy an entirely new phone?

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Unfortunately Fairphone will not accept orders (and I am sure that includes spare parts orders) from countries other than the ones listed here:
So if you want to get ahold of one, you do need the help of someone in one of these.

I would guess the frequencies that the phone can use will also be dependent on the modem, which is embedded in the system on a chip (SOC). Replacing the SOC would be an expensive exercise: the last price list I’ve seen was quoting €314 for the core module.

Understood, thanks.

Yikes, I didn’t know about that. Thanks for bringing it up.

It’s something you may want to double check - I couldn’t quickly find a definitive answer to how frequency band compatibility is determined.

What do you mean if you don’t mind me asking?

Just that I’m not 100% sure what actually determines which frequencies a phone can use - I’m assuming primarily modem, but it could be that there are some electronics in the receiver/antenna module that also play a role. Other than the capability of the modem, there’s a software configuration side to it as well - some success in editing this has been reported for the HTC one M8 which uses a chipset similar to the FP2. All I can really say is that it’s not likely a straightforward operation - it can range from just changing a module or tweaking the settings stored in the memory to a full replacement of the SOC. The difficulty is figuring out where the limitation is…

Understood. Thanks for the detail!

@Purplegill10 Any tips on getting a Fair Phone to the US? What are these forwarding companies?

Hey sorry for the late reply. I found out that a packaging forwarding company unfortunately isn’t as easy as it sounds because they won’t sell to US customers specifically. Basically that means you either have to go through a friend in Europe or do some weird VPN setup. If you really want to get a FP2 in the US then I guess you might have to do it through a friend and have them mail it to you.

If possible, have someone bring it in their luggage. Otherwise you’ll have to pay something like import duty or VAT. At least I did when I got mine couriered to South Africa.


I just saw that an FP2 is on sale in Los Angeles. Maybe that’s interesting for you…

Hi, I’m reviving this conversation because I’m also considering having a friend visiting Amsterdam make the purchase of the FP2 and bring it back to California. What about charging the device? The chargers sold through the webshop are EU or UK compatible. Will using an adaptor work? Also, any more updates about US frequency network compatibility, such as 3G? Thanks for any help!

There is no shop in amsterdam where you can buy them. You’d have to order one online and plan it so that your friend is there at the time of delivery.

You’ll just need a high quality USB charger and USB data cable. The FP2 has a standard micro USB port.

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Ok well thank you for the swift response! I’m also planning to visit Berlin next year and stay with a friend so perhaps I will order online and have it sent to her. :wink:

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