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Hi together,

some while ago Firefox dropped it’s support for Android 4.x and requires a phone to run at least Android 5. Thus I’m not able to update the Firefox browser on my FP1 anymore and with the months passing by the number of known security issues with my installed version becomes bigger and bigger.
Now I would like to switch to a different browser to still be able to use my FP1 safely. The first one I tried out which still supports Android 4.4 is the Opera browser but unfortunately it doesn’t support configuring a proxy so I wasn’t able to use it with the Tor network (which I would prefer if possible). Another browser which seems to still support Android 4.4 is Chrome but I have privacy concerns with this one as it was developed by Google.
Can you recommend any browser to me which

  • runs on Android 4.4,
  • is usable together with Orbot via configuring a proxy,
  • doesn’t collect and send out my personal data as far as its known?

Thanks for you help!

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When I still had my FP1, I think I used IceCatBrowser. Perhaps this one works for you?

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Thanks for the tipp, Fabian. According to F-Droid however it seems like the last update to IceCat is also over a year old so I’m afraid it’s not more secure than my Firefox installation.

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Well, I guess nobody wants to hack a FP1 anymore… :sweat_smile:

Just a short search on F-Droid:

Did you check “Privacy Browser

  • It says to require just Android 4.4 and support TOR Orbot proxy.
  • Latest update: 28 November 2020.
  • And at 13 MB a rather slim package.

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