✏ Curated list of reviews of the Fairphone 3+

Now that there are reviews of the FP3+, let’s link them all there in the same way as for the :pencil2: Curated list of reviews of the Fairphone 3.

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  4. Many reviews will be more or less the same, as there were press releases, that were reprinted by many papers. This list therefore is rather not a list of new informations but a report of how widespread the presentation of the FP3 was covered.
    New links will be added at the top of the list. The latest ones will be headed by the icon :new: until newer ones are added.

:gb: English

:new: Androidheadlines.com Fairphone 3+ Review: The Most Repairable Phone On The Planet - 16/09/2020
The Guardian Fairphone 3+ review: ethical smartphone gets camera upgrades - 31/08/2020
Box.co.uk Fairphone 3 Plus Review - Hands On First Look (video) - 27/08/2020
GSM-Arena Fairphone 3+ hands-on review - 27/08/2020
Knowyourmobile.com Fairphone 3+ Review: A Sustainable Phone Worth Using? - 27/08/2020

:de: Deutsch

:new: Tagesanzeiger.ch Nachhaltiges Smartphone - Das neue Fairphone gibts am Stück oder in Teilen - 04/09/2020
:new: Sueddeutsche.de Das neue Fairphone gibt’s am Stück oder in Teilen - 02/09/2020
Connect.de Fairphone 3+ im ersten Test: macht vieles richtig - 31/08/2020
Sueddeutsche.de Fairphone 3 zu neuem Modell aufrüstbar - 27/08/2020
Spiegel.de Fairphone 3+ im Test - Grünes Mittelmaß - 27/08/2020
Golem.de Fairphone 3+ bekommt bessere Kamera - 27/08/2020
Heise.de Fairphone 3: Neue Kamera-Module sollen Nutzungsdauer verlängern - 27/08/2020

:fr: Français

:new: FRANDROID Test du Fairphone 3+ : le Fairphone 3.1 - 27/09/2020
Blog de Namu Test du Fairphone 3+ - 16/09/2020
Sosh.fr #TesteurSosh Test du Fairphone 3+ - 16/09/2020

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