Critical Bug: Black Screen after update or with Adaptive Brightness in dark rooms

Hi, acccording to
several posts (see the list below)
with 1.3.6 wee seem to have gotton the following problem:

  • The minimal brightness can now set the screen to be black.
  • As one consequence people rebooting with the upgrade might get a black screen.
  • As another consequence, the screen becomes black if adaptive brightness (with medium brightness) is on and one is in a dark room.

I don’t see this problem in the lists of known issues.
I don’t see moderators classifying this a a bug.
And I don’t got a feedback from support regarding a personal email I sent.
Can anybody clarify about the situation, please?

Especially: (How) Can I switch back to 1.2.8 without loosing my data?

Here the links:

I’d like to see what @TobiasF has to say about this, since he was the one investigating the issue. (I was waiting for his assessment before calling it a bug)

After upgrading to 1.3.6 I get the black screen, when I’m making phone calls, and obviously this is a bug, because previously never had happened. The trick to switch to automatic brightness does not work for me. Is there anyone with any helpful solution?

Reporting it to PF2 support is useful?


This is another problem.

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Like @TobiasF said this is an entirely different issue. Please check the link he provided.

If only it were really this easy to determine a bug. Your issue was first reported in January, so it’s not new in 1.3.6. - something must have changed for you (I guess your proximity sensor got dirty.)

No, please don’t! Support is swamped already and bugs are better reported through the forum.

Btw, @TobiasF: Do you think we should wait for more votes in your poll or can we consider this a bug?

I already moved the threads. There were enough people who voted and reported.

Who! I had no idea regulars could do that!

I think we shouldn’t have the same issue twice in the #software:bug-reports category and I think this thread right here (starting with a post describing the issue) would be a better fit than a poll. Don’t you agree?

The problem is that the information is fragmented between these two threads. In difference, here is no new information.

How about you gather all info, create a new thread in #software:bug-reports with it and we close these 3 threads with a reference to the new one?

ok, thank you very much.

Please continue here: