Crippling camera performance under LED floodlight

While trying to take a picture of a part for a document it was necessary to use a LED floodlamp to get good illumination without intrusive shadows. Surprisingly the camera produced a very poor (unuseable) image showing evidence of what I assume is aliasing due to beating between the camera update rate and the ‘flicker’ rate of the lamp’s LEDs.

This means I unfortunately cannot use the camera to take pictures in these circumstances. Alternatives would appear to be natural light or something where strobing it not an issue, i.e. incandescent lighting.

Here is the picture.

Believe it or not the banding effect is entirely invisible to the human eye.

You could try Open Camera and try to change change the shutter speed or exposure time. Maybe the stock camera supports this too, haven’t installed it at the moment.

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@max_o is right, try a different shutter speed.
In the standard FP Camera app that’s available under More → Pro → S (for speed I guess :slightly_smiling_face:)

This is quite normal. My high end Pixel camera had the same in the office, which uses LED lights as well.

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Maybe you can find a floodlight that runs from a DC source.

It is likely the floodlight doesn’t use a suitable capacitor to smooth out the 50Hz (100Hz) flashing so a ‘better’ quality floodlight may also work ~ car headlights and ones that run form a car battery for example may be suitable.

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