Creating FairPhone 4 Emulator on Debian 12 X86 for Experiments: Seeking Advice

I have already purchased a FairPhone 4, but I want to conduct some experiments, and I don’t want to perform them on the device I am currently using. :tired_face:

I would like to create a FairPhone emulator on Debian 12 X86 for experimentation, including installing other operating systems or writing programs. Is there a better method? :thinking:

Thank you. :grinning:

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It’s probably just a starting point and might require some reading, but I’d start with the tools that are available for Android development.

With Android Studio you can develop apps and test them on a virtual device (preconfigured are different Google models plus some generic phones; not sure if anyone has already created a hardware profile for Fairphone models).

There is also documentation on how to build and run your own images

That page assumes you will compile the system image yourself (IIRC your PC would need at least 12 GB RAM and several 100 GB of free diskspace not to mention downloading lots of source code which took a few hours for me on a 100 MBit/s internet connection) but I guess it’s also possible to skip the building part and just use a ready made image of e.g. /e/ or iode.


Does it mean that as long as I have the operating system’s ISO file, I can install Murena /e/ OS on Android Studio?
Thank you

Personally I don’t know for sure. Maybe others can answer or you do some research on your own in the meantime.


Thank you for your response.

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