Created folders on SDcard gone after reboot

After I have upgraded from Open OS 16.06 to 16.08 successfully, happend follows…

All folder with files (except "Android", "Lost Dir") disappeard from SD Card.
I create a new folder with Amaze. After reboot folder gone.
I connect via USB with my PC and create a new folder. After reboot  newly created folder gone.
I create a new folder via Open Camera. After reboot gone.
Changed 3 other SD cards. Same behavior.
I installed SDFix app which mentioned in this forum says that my SD card already writable, there for no need this app.

I made a clean install with help of this wiki page (Thank you @rootboi So easy ;D )

Now, Fresh Open OS. No Gapps. No Exposed. Still same problem. Created folders gone after reboot.

Any ideas? Help?

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Thank you @Spielmops

Just did it. platform.xml edited. But after rebbot folders gone.

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