Create different user accounts


I have found on the internet, that Android 4.2 and above support different user accounts, like e.g. guest or child.

In my fairphone setting I cannot find the user option below apps in the device section.

Is there a way to create a restricted user account for other users?

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I don’t have that option either, but from what I’ve just read you need a google account for that. I don’t use google anti-services. If you don’t either that might be the reason.

PS: No I was wrong. Apparently that feature is just for tablets and not for phones.


There is a possibilty using the Xposed Installer and the module Multiple Users for phone.

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Thanks for the tip.

I just created a new user, but I can’t “manage users”.
When I hit that button I just get the message: "3. Create a new user from Settings app."
So I have a new user with no access to any installed apps and to some settings, like audio profiles . (So I can’t even disable the annoying vibration on every touch.

Would I need Google to be able to manage users?

I have deleted my old test user account and created a new one, it worked without google account.
After a restart I had access to the system apps and the basic settings (settings - users).

When you want to give acces to apps for the new user, you have to install these appps with the new user account, beceause the other apps are installed in the file system that is exclusive access for the other user (owner).
This is fine to test some apps (which have no acceess to your personal apps and settings) but some times also boring (beceause you have to install some apps and settings twice, when you want to give your phone temporary to a other person).

Don’t forget that the new user has full access to the data and documents on your external sd card, if these are not encripted!
Also encripted data can be deleted (same like someone takes the sd card out of your phone and puts it in a pc.card reader).

Usually I havent installed a Google account on my main user account on my phone (owner) but on the user account.
With these restrictions the Google apps havent full access to my phone.
After a update from my apps I backup them (with the build-in backup) to the SD card and restore them after changing to the owner account.

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Oh I think I misunderstood something. I was expecting to be able to allow the new user access to some of my apps like here:

But thats another feature. Thats not a new user but a restricted profile, which the Xposed module doesn’t handle.

So the “Manage users” button in the app/module itself has no real function?

This button has the function to allow a quick switch to the other user.
When this is deactivated, the change kann be made in the system settings - users.

The multi users function in Android 4.2.2 was build to give access on tablets to different users and is ususally deactivated in smartphones.
The xposed module activates this function whitch is improved in newer Android versions.

Once more this shows us that the FP1(U) isnt bad but not more state of the art…

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Like many have said already, the feature was introduced in 4.2 and only meant for tablets in the beginning. With newer Android versions it is also available as a standard feature in phones.

Thank you very much for all your contributions, you answers have been very quick and professional ! ! !

I have installed the Xposed Installer and the Multiple Users Module.
Somehow it works, now, I have to experiment with it a bit more, if I can use it in a way, to set up the phone for a child, like I am intending.

This “Application and content restrictions” (comp. your screen shot) window is this another Xposed module or where do I find it?

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It’s a screenshot from a tablet. You can see the broad navigation bar at the bottom, which is typical for tablets in landscape mode.

Unfortunately that feature doesn’t exist for phones, not even with Xposed modules.

I played around with the multiple users module a bit and have some findings & questions:

  • With a new user I can’t download F-Droid with the standard browser but:
  • When I have installed F-Droid as a System App it’s available for other users as well. (Probably works for all system Apps)
  • Even though Xposed and it’s modules are not available for other users the changes affect them as well. (e.g. GravityBoxe’s status bar changes and of course the multiple users settings)
  • When I create a new user MTK logger is always running. I don’t even know what that is, but since it is developed by Mediatek I’m not very comfortable with it.
  • If you enable a guest user so people you lend your cool fairphone to don’t see your apps you are not 100% safe. If they go to: Settings > Apps > Running, they’ll see all active users and if they click on one they’ll see all active apps of that user.
  • Apps with root access have access to other user’s stuff. (e.g. Titanium Backup) but…
  • Only the owner can grant root access to apps. Which means e.g. you can backup apps with Titanium Backup with the owner profile but you can’t restore them with another user. Making it a system app doesn’t change that.
  • When I erase a user all his apps are uninstalled. But is everything (also user data and so on) cleaned without a trace?
  • I can receive SMS while switched to another user (I’ll have to switch back to read them but I see the green led flashing) but I can’t track GPS with the owner while logged in with another user.

Your expiriences with the mulitple users option on Android 4.2.2 are similar to my mine,

In Android 4.2 2 was one of the first multiple-user-option on Android.
It remains me to the old IT-solgan:

Documentation is like sex:
when it is good,
it is very, very good;
and when it is bad,
it is better than nothing.

In recent Android versions the multiple user function is good, in Android 4.2.2 ist is better than nothing…

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