Cracks in non-transparent slim case?

Today I realized that my non-transparent slim case has a crack at the lower left corner. The crack looks like the corner-cracks in this post:

The cover is probably more than two years old, rarely ever fell (and if, then not from great heights). That makes me think if the non-transparent slim cases might suffer from similar problems as the transparent ones but just after a much longer time (luckily). Can anyone confirm that their slim case got cracks after some time without any drops in a close time context?
It’ll still hold for a while and luckily spare parts are available. Still it would be interesting to know.

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I don’t know if the broken corner on my indigo case resulted from a drop or not (this FP2 was a second hand donation), but I have repeatedly noticed on several FP2s that it always seems to be the bottom left corner that develops cracks.


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