Crackling in the primary microphone

I want to note that the primary micorphone is crackling heaviliy. I don’t hear it, but my telephone partners can’t here me but a heavy crackling noise.
What is the solution?


Try recording something to see if the crackling really comes from the microphone and not e.g. the connection.

If it’s the microphone you’ll have to exchange the bottom module.


Oh, thanks for the quick answer. I recorded already something (with “sound recorder”) I can only hear the crackling. How do I exchange the bottom module?


So, I ordered the bottom module now. Do I need some tools for the changing?

Happy New Year

It takes a Phillips #0 (just a single zero) screwdriver.


Just want to say I had the same issue twice in a little over 4 years with my FP2, and I used to squeeze the phone where the mic is to make it better. I also tried to open the phone, take out the bottom module and then put it back in, just in case.

Both times nothing helped in the end, I had to replace the module for it to work. I managed to do it myself, it wasn’t hard.


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