Cracked screen protector privacy filter Fairphone 5


I’m using the privacy filter screenprotector since I’ve bought my Ff5 2(?) month ago. I didn’t drop it or anything, but there are already three cracks in it over the entire with of the screen. I only occasionally lay it on the table with the screen facing down, because I don’t want to see anything popping up during a meeting.
Has anyone had the same experience? Maybe it’s just a faulty screen I got, but I don’t want to buy an other one, ending up with the same problem.


Contact support, that should be a warranty case

Yes, allready did that. Just wanted to check if it was a good idea to repace it with the same type protector. If it’s a known problem I won’t.
Thx for your feedback.

there has been a long thread on screen protectors, Glass screen protector for FP5, however most of the contributors did not get the original FP one.
As far as I remember, one person did and it cracked. Yet, it is more of an anectodal evidence.
If you check the reviews on the website, most of them are quite positive, Fairphone 5 Screen Protector - Accessories | Fairphone

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I experienced the same thing, although it was the blue light filter screen protector. A crack appeared during the first week of usage, but it got replaced through warranty…

And the new one? No problems?

I haven’t changed it yet…

I’ve had my FP5 with the official privacy glass since October, and I haven’t experienced any cracking.
There’s a surprising amount of micro scratches on it, and one deep scratch, that was caused by keeping an iPhone in the same pocket as the phone. No random nonsense cracks though. My only notable issue is that two of the corners developed slight air pockets. They are mildly annoying aesthetically. That’s all.

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I bought the protector 1 month after purchasing my new FP5 because i scratched the case …
I too have noticed air pockets and micro scratches. I also find it much harder to see the screen when outdoors in bright sunlight.
Cannon FP screen protector be used on a FP?