Countdown / Clock limitation

I wanted this morning to put a Countdown in the FP Clock of 14 hours (I have to call a friend when he’ll land in Los Angeles).
When trying to input 14h (14h00mn00mn), it is blocked to 09mn59mn59s top. Not possible to go up to this time.
I don’t know if Clock is an app from Android or Fairphone (I’m a former iOS user), it’s not really a big issue but it is annoying for a standard App like Clock.
I tried to find a solution with different keywords on Google but I don’t find anything relevant, maybe because I’m new to Android and English is not my Language (I’m French).
A clue ?
Thank you

I can confirm the max countdown time is 10h 40min and 39s (If you type in 9 99 99).
I guess the simplest workaround is set an alarm instead, second one would be download a different clock app.

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9 99 99 sets in deed 10h40mn39s.
It’s weird to have this limitation on a basic feature as a countdown. I have set it on my old iPhone 4 / iOS 7 instead.

Thank you for the information.

FP1’s Clock App has the same limit and so does Countdown Timer
Kitchen timer is limited to 23h 59min 59sec
Open timer is limited to 24h 59min 59sec
Anstop to 59h 59min 59sec
Timer to 99h 59min 59sec
TimerDroid goes up to 1000h 59min 59s

I can confirm it is a limitation from the Android app after testing it on a Moto G. My former Nexus 4 with CyanogenMod has a higher limit, though.

Thank you two for all these datas and Apps name.
Apparently it’s only 23h59 on iOS 7.
I guess the post can be closed.