"couldn't establish a secure connection" on facebook

Hi all, has anyone else had this error popup when trying to visit Facebook (or any other website)?

Connection problem
could not establish a secure connection

I am getting it whenever I try to visit any Facebook page from my browser. (I deliberately do not use the Facebook app due to privacy issues.) It started this weekend while I was away from my hometown (using data connection), and for most of the weekend got it every single time I tried. There was a brief reprieve on Sunday afternoon, but then the error came back, and now I even get it at home, on my wifi.

I haven’t had it with any other website, and can’t find anything else about it online.


Are you using the standard browser?
If so, perhaps you could try ‘Firefox’. Firefox can be downloaded throught the playstore or through F-Droid.

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Seems to be working on Firefox. I’m already a Firefox user on my laptop, so didn’t require much of a nudge to switch. Thanks :smile:

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There is a huge bug in the default Android browser (see more here: The SOP bug and the privacy disaster ) so for now the best way is to use another browser!

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