Copying contacts from phone to SIM fails

I tried to copy my contacts from the phone to my new simcard by using the app 'people’
I choose ‘import/export’, ‘phone’, ‘my simcard’, on top I choose ‘select all’, and then ‘ok’.
My phone starts copying and ends with ‘copying contact(s) failure’.
Is it just my phone or does this happens to others?
Who knows a solution for me?

Do you maybe have more contacts on the phone than the SIM card’s capacity can handle? Usually SIM cards can hold 100/150/250 contacts (depending on the card), at least that’s what turned out in a quick research.

Maybe you could try only selecting a few of your contacts and see what happens.

Also with only 10 contacts to copy, it fails. At the moment only 1 contact is on the simcard, my own number.

Does copy/importing to/from an SD work?

Maybe this feature is not fixed/updated any longer because good old non-evil Google wants to “backup” your contacts for you? :wink: Can you save single entries to the SIM by entry (keep your finger on the entry?).

Yes, I can copy to the SD-card and to the Internal Storage.
But it’s not possible to copy from the SD-card or the Internal Storage to my simcard.
Only copy to the phone is allowed.

Can you switch it into Airplane mode and try again? Do you only use one sim card in the FP1? How old is the sim card? My phone is currently cleaned up because I want to sell it - so I cannot test along with you right now.

Switching to Airplane mode and back does the trick. Now almost all my contacts (except 20) are copyied.
I use two simcard. I just replayed the first sim for a brand new simcard.
Thanks to @huskers and @fp1_wo_sw_updates for your help.

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Good. A last nosy question: Do you use a Google Account/Google Services on that phone? Thanks.

Yes, because I need an app ‘NS-reisplanner’ (trainplanner in the Netherlands) that isn’t available elsewhere.

I don’t blame you! :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if the Google Services lock the sim somehow for something (updating contacts in a secure way …).

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