Copy to SD card = crash

When I try to copy files above 1GB to my SD card, the FP2 just crashes and restarts. Now, because of the stupid Google Android system, the camera saves videos on the internal drive. Plain stupid, because after a while, the internal storage is filled. I am sure Google wants us to use the drive system and that’s why they stopped support to store files on the SD card. Very, very stupid.

So, I have these large video files on my internal drive. The drive is alomst filled. The FP2 complains. But how to move them? I can of course upload them to Google Drive, but I just want to move them directly to the SD card. It works with smaller files, but not with large files.

What to do?

Oh - and can anyone recommend a really good alternative to Google Photos. Becuase, of course, Google Photos will not show anything from the SD card…ARGH!

Br, Dl

Unfortunately I can’t solve your problem, but you could use the app Piktures (Play Store), or Simple Gallery (Play Store and F-Droid).

Neither any idea regarding your main problem, but I’m using QuickPic as a gallery app.

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