Copy Contacts from Sim to FP3

I have a new FP3 and i am looking for a way to import my contacts from my old phone (Samsung S4 mini). I have tried Google, vcf file, copy my data, phone clone and it all did not work. Is it possible to copy (NOT import) the contacts from my sim to the FP 3 (since i still need my contacts on the old phone…)
I would be very grateful for help!

Hi :slight_smile:

For importing your contacts (which is by the way copying), you can use e.g. this app.
However, at least everytime I tried it, copying contacts via the SIM card always resulted in a mess, sometimes contacts disappear, a person with two numbers has two entries afterwards an so on, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Why did copying a vcf file not work for you? Did you encounter a specific problem?


Hi Stanzi,
thank you very much for your help!!!
My nephew was here today and helped me, he understood what had been the problem with google, so we could copy it via google. So now it’s solved.
But I thank you so much for your replay, I was really down and hopeless yesterday.
Kind regards,

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