Copy a downloaded file to other folders android 6

How do I copy a downloaded file to other folders? After some time I found the explore section and was very happy… But when I downloded a file via a browser and wanted to copy it to a folder of an app I got stuck. If I copy the thing it just replicates itselve in the folder for download and the only thing I can choose otherwise is googledrive or the last used folder which is of course the download folder …
Maybe I’m too used to the app Amaze but I just dont get it. I use the german version btw
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The new Fairphone OS comes without Amaze, because Android 6 has an integrated File Browser. You’ll find it in Settings > Storage.

But you can of course download Amaze again if you prefer it (I do too).

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Did you use the Copy to… option in the Explore section? This should let you choose a destination folder.

I did choose the copy to but it doesnt let me choose other then the download section or googledrive or the last one which is the download section …
But when I clicked on “showing sd card” (not sure about translation) which I dont have, it let me choose from internal storage… I’m confused… thank you for your help anyway

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