Coping with heat

There have been some general threads about battery but nothing too specific heat related so I will try with a new topic

What would be your advice for coping with high temperatures over the summer?

I used to do more cycling using the phone as a navigation set on my bike handlebars. There is a plastic bag in which I put my phone ( haven’t really warmed myself to the idea of attaching the phone/case directly).
Today the phone got pretty warm pretty fast, 36 Celsius degrees so I put it away, and worryingly it didn’t cool off very fast.

When doing any water sports I was hoping to put the phone in a waterproof case/sachette and then again in a waterproof travel bag. How safe would that be? Would it be better to keep it off then?
How about keeping it in the thermal bag of any sort? Should the battery be in or outside?

If it comes to the worst, and the phone overheated, what is the safest way of cooling it down?

Finally, are there any apps that could provide me with some warnings? Or even better manage the apps so that for example only GPS works? I have some offline maps so I could potentially go offline

Any advice will be truly appreciated:)

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Lock the screen or even shut it down and put it out of the sun, maybe remove the back cover and wait a bit.

Using it in the sun and screen on heats it yes and when its in a plastik bag probably more, as there is no ventilation, however, I never checked the degree as long as the phone does not give warnings, so overall I guess I’m less thinking about such things.


Thank you for the response.
I have decided to install the monitoring apps,, and, will see how it goes.


When navigating with the phone you could use an app that can turn on the screen when you approach a turn and otherwise it’ll stay off. I think Osmand can do that. In that way it will have to do less which results in less heat. Keeping it under direct sun is probably not a good idea for any kind of complex electronic device. And not having any ventilation definitely doesn’t help, either, unfortunately.
For simple track navigation I use a Garmin GPSmap 64s which can handle direct sun quite well. My phone can remain in a bag without sun exposure then. But having all the cool navigation features of a smartphone is of course very tempting…


Have you considered for attaching the phone directly anyway? It imho works very well and your phone gets enough ventilation during riding.

Is that supposed to be a lot? Mine is 35 as I’m typing this in bed and it regularly hits 41 while charging. And I live in Sweden, so it’s never super warm. The highest the temperature ever goes is 28 and that’s once a year.