Cookies again and browser history

Hi everyone probably this question has been asked before but I really can’t figure out how to get rid of the cookies on my phone and the browser history. Google search does not help me out. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Hi, it’s helpful to specify which browser you use, but I’m presuming Chrome:

… and to find that,
just type the relevant words into your usual search engine, I suggest
google chrome android delete cookies

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Yes I did that but in Fairphone things are not the same as what Android explains and it’s also not the same as in iOS where I do this on regular basis

I tried the second link above and it’s exactly the settings on my FP4. If it’s not the same on yours, tap on Settings, then Privacy and Security, then Delete Browsing Data. From there, you can choose Cookies.

Hope this helps!

Good morning. I see no “security” in the settings in my phone ……

Tried it in Chrome and deleted the history. I hope this will do…

I thought we were talking about your browser history. If your browser is Chrome, then you found the right place.

Yes the cookies and browser history on your ‘phone’ only apply to the actual browser. They are in the application, not the phone itself. Maybe this is the confusion you had? Glad you got sorted, just keep in mind, now you cleared the data, your browser won’t remember any websites you opened before so you’ll get asked for cookie storage on sites you return to now.

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Hi yes I was indeed. I don’t find this very easy and fairphone where I was very used to iOS in the past :slightly_smiling_face:
I actually just want to get rid of the cookies and this system is not really very clear to me but I will try to sort it out further

Thank you Kenny I will do this from time to time :slightly_smiling_face:

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If there are certain sites in particular whose cookies you want to avoid keeping (commercial especially), the simplest solution for you would be to open those sites in what Chrome calls “Incognito” tabs. When you close such a tab, all browsing data including cookies, relevant to the sites you visited in that Incognito tab, get deleted automatically.

Be aware that some sites may not work properly in Incognito tabs.
Be aware that “Incognito” is not a true and honest description: there are many ways that sites can use to track you, apart from cookies.
Be aware that since you’re not keeping any browsing data, web pages may be slower to load and sites will repeatedly ask you about cookies – but the plus side is that you can happily “accept all cookies” at each visit with an Incognito tab, since they’re going to get deleted automatically as soon as you close the tab.

Sites that have your confidence such as banks, health, government (hopefully) you would do well to open in normal tabs.

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