Contents of e-mails suddenly not visible

Suddenly the contents of all the e-mails I receive are no longer visible. I do get a notice with each incoming mail, and when i open Mail I can see the sender, the date and the subject, but no text. How can I solve this?

Have you rebooted the phone already?
Which OS do you use, and which version?
Do you use the stock mail App or did you install a different App yourself?

I use the stock mail App. Willing to try another one if you can recommend one?
Sorry, but I’m not very technical. Reboot is nog the same as restart? Just turning it off and on again doesn’t help.
And where can I see which OS I use? I just accept all the updates I get from Fairphone.

K-9 Mail is recommended quite often.

It is.

Under Settings - System - About the phone

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Okay, then rebooting doesn’t help.
OS is Android 7.1.2.

Downloaded Blue Mail, since K-9 Mail didn’t work. Blue Mail works fine.

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