Contacts vanishing randomly

Hi all

I’ve read through some of the posts about contacts but couldn’t find a solution for myself. After I started on my FP3 I had all my contacts but during the updating process they vanished at some point. They came back (no recollection when) but now, after the newest update, I’m once again left with about five contacts and the rest got deleted. What is going on?

I can’t access contacts, I can’t (or don’t know how to) access my SIM card (where the contacts should be) and it’s starting to get annoying.

I’m using Lawnchair, don’t know if that has anything to do with it?

Any help would be appreciated!

I don’t own a FP3, but in the contacts options, you should have somewhere an option to choose which contacts to display, and an Import/Export contacts from SIM card button somewhere (I think).
Otherwise, you could try to download an alternative app, like Simple Contacts Pro, can be found on F-Droid and Play Store. You should have these options then.

I recommend you to do a backup of your contacts before an update if you have such bugs… You can export them to a .vcf file and then later import them back as long as you have the file on your phone or sd card.

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I found the contracts and the option to import / export from SIM, however, I can only do so to an e-mail account. Which does not help. I’m beginning to wonder whether this is Lawnchair related?

Also, another problem which came up, my phone just randomly restarts itself which is annoying at best but a serious issue when it’s supposed to wake me up for work.

It shouldn’t change anything. You can try with the stock launcher just to try if you want, but I doubt it will do any difference.

Do you have an sd card in your phone? If yes, try starting without.

Will try out the stock launcher when I get home.
As for the restarting, I don’t have a SD card. Any other reasons this could happen? I couldn’t find anything in the settings that would let me access it.

I contacted FP about it. They were clueless.
Contacts are vanishing every time after a reboot. I think, even since Android 10 came for FP3. We would have to test this in a safe environment.
Now Nextcloud saves the contacts every day (sadly, it can’t compare new to old files, so we have 360 files that must be manually deleted per year…).
As I don’t have any issues with FP4 on iodéOS (how can anyone live with Google breaking all nerves?), I think I will try to persuade the FP3 user to also try iodéOS :slight_smile:

On the subject of contacts: while these can be copied from the SIM the data are not used from there. They are stored in a database on the phone. A contact can be either just recorded in the phone’s database or associated with an account (such as gmail) so that it can be synchronised for backup and if required, transferred to another phone through the account. There have been problems in the past with phone-only storage.
See other posts here.
The SIM is no longer a solution for storing or transferring contacts, there are better solutions such as synchronizing or .VCF file. Also the SIM will only store a name and a number, nothing more.

On random reboots there’s a lot to read too.

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