Contacts, telephone, whatsapp and others are not loading or starting

No and updater not as well… he always notes: “the process has finished”

Then you need to manually install Fairphone OS:

Alternatively, try these Support instructions:

OK, thank you, Kola Nut 1.8.7 is back on. But Whatsapp is still not finishing the initialisation… an contact and telefone app are gone…
what can I do next?

How can they be gone??? Did you check in “All Apps”?

PS.: The contacts and telephone apps are included in the Fairphone OS, they must be there after a successful install of Fairphone OS.

Yes they in all apps, but I can´t start them…

I had to install Google account again and Iám waiting now for half an hour… “bitte warten”…

I red somewhere, that the contact store is too big with 52MB… is that correct?

That is quite a lot! Maybe there is something wrong with the database… Are you sure that your contacts are not stored in your Google account online? (Check on a desktop computer!)

PS.: My contacts storage has in total 6,22MB.

Yes there are just 2 new contacs in the google account.

Look at this topic:

Go there using a root file explorer (like Amaze) and tell me the file size of the contacts.db file you’ll find there. (You need to enable Root Explorer in Amaze’s settings.)

PS.: Are you sure that you don’t have a backup anywhere else? Maybe on the SIM card?

You mean to install the Amaze App on the phone? The phone is still trying to initialise… I can´t do anything here…
I have to stop here for today, I have to get up early tomorrow…
Thank you fot your support so far.
Maybe I can continue tomorrow.

Okay, please give us a status update tomorrow and provide the exact messages the phone gives you.

I hab to reinstall google account on the phone after the update to 1.8.7 . Then he did an restart and startet the personalisation and tries now to connect something there is a bar running und the phrase “this phone belongs to…” "Dieses Gerät gehört…"
I can go into the settings, but I can not use the Apps…

I don’t use Google apps on my phone, so I don’t know much about the personalization process (other than it sounds a bit creepy to me ;)).

Alternatively, depending on where you live, you could contact one of the local Fairphoners and ask for help. I think it would be easier to find a solution, if you could show the phone to someone in person.

So in the meantime i deleted the contact data… and now most things work.
!!But the icons to phone and of the contacts are gone. they are only in the “all apps” of the settigngs, but I can not activate them! I can get calls, but I can´t call. How can I change these settings? That the Telefon App starts automatically by standard?

Try the following: Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Contacts > Run (you need to scroll down a bit). Does the contacts app start?

If you don’t find the apps in your app drawer, you should try to install the operating system again. (I know, it sounds tedious…) A hard reset might also be a good idea at some point… Here you’ll find advice on doing a proper backup.

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Hello Stefan
No that Icon was not active, so we couldn´t start, same with the Phone app.
In the meantime I did a reset!!! Now the contacts are back!! 2MB Data file!
Thanks for your support!!!

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Might be the right time to backup your contacts to a MicroSD card. :slight_smile:

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