Contacts permissions


When I want to look for a contact, I do not want to start a call.
Maybe I need some other data to check.
As this happens some times unintentionally, when searching for other Information, then I have to interrupt the calling process.
For calling the telephone app exists already, which has access to the contact list. So I disabled permission Telephone for the Contacts / Kontakte app.
“Suppress Telephone permission and dont ask again.”
Now the contact app does not work anymore as it reproaches that I have disabled telephone permission.
This is a bug. The disabled permission must not disable the app.
android FPOOS 10 22.04.0-rel.1
Any Idea to get around ?

I doubt that this is a bug, I see the same when I remove phone permission from contacts App on my FP3 with Iode OS. So this app is dependent on this permission and will not work at all when removed.

Contacts ==> Managing Contacts Only.
Telephone ==> Calling on the phone Only.
One App one function. Is there anything simpler ?
The weird thinking which has been introduced by FAGAM etc. must not be promoted. The question was not if this is a bug, but how to get around it.

Hi erich,

I presume that you are using the standard Contacts app.
Your underlying problem is one related to the app’s design, not its permissions - and it is useful for a contacts app to be able to initiate calls! :slightly_smiling_face:

You might find other apps better aligned to your needs so that you do not have to modify the permissions. Personally I use Simple Contacts Pro from, available on F-Droid (and Play Store). I recommend that you give it a try.


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