Contacts, no replacement possible

Hi Fairies,

Sometimes I miss functionality in the contact app and I certainly don’t like the look. But installing another app is useless, because no matter which alternative I use, when I want to change a contact, I’m sent to the default app.
Is there a way around? And WHY is this?

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It is possible to set a default app for contacts.

The selection is in Settings / apps.

There you can select “your another app” as default app for contacts.

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Thank you for your reply

I guess I can find it. I didn’t find a good replacement yet. But when I do, I let you know if I could set that app to be the default contact-app, without being sent to the “standard” contact app.

Kind regards!

I can recommend this app: exdialer

OK, I’ll give it a try. Can you elaborate on WHY you recommend it?

I think you’re mistaken Timbuktu.

I installed ExDialer to try what you said. I went to “apps” and deleted the standard setting (“standaard waarden wissen”, in dutch) for the telephone and for the contacts.

After that I tried calling someone: I can choose between Skype and the default Telephone. NOT for ExDialer, for some reason. And when I want to view a contact I can choose for the Contact View from ExDialer, but when I CHANGE that contact, I’m being sent to the default contact app. Just as I mentioned.

I noticed, in the app info, it says ExDialer is allowed to change contacts and make calls, but I see that in the other apps as well. I restarted my phone, but that didn’t make a difference.

I tried Default App Manager ( and Better Open With ( I removed and reïnstalled ExDialer, which didn’t help. Changing the default contact-editing app was not possible with the before mentioned apps.

I tried another Dialer app, True Phone Dialer (, to make sure the trouble is not with ExDialer. Same thing: I select it with Default app Manager to be the default Dialer, but that doesn’t work, I get a pop-up which lets me choose between Skype and the default Dialer.

I use WidgetHome ( as a Launcher, to make sure THAT isn’t causing the trouble, I switched to the FairPhone Launcher. Same thing when I try to call: I can’t choose except between Skype and default dialer. Aaarrghh… :grimacing:

I DISABLED (and cleared the data) Skype and the Default Dialer in Settings, Apps. STILL the same result?!?!
I used CCleaner to delete chache (don’t know if it cleans also the needed info). Restarted my FairPhone. Didn’t help either. Removed Skype. Now I get no choice, it calls with the (disabled) default dialer, while I have ExDialer and True Phone Dialer still installed…

Something wrong with my Android? (4.2.2.) Or is this common? Could someone test this too?

What is the missing functionality you are looking for?

I spent all night RESETTING to system defaults and then REINSTALLING my FP. With the same result. Meaning: all calls go to the default telephone app, I can’t change that by clearing anything, setting anything or using extra apps to assign a different dialer.
The True Phone Dialer lets me edit contacts though, that’s one thing (I’m curieus, if another app calls for such action, editing a contact, that it will direct me to True Phone or Contacts).

So, Timbuktu, are you sure about your statement? Could you give a more detailed way of setting up what you said? Thank you!

Haffenloher, it annoys me that I cannot delete the google groups there, I don’t like the look and I miss assigning group ringtones (I know there’s an app for that, but I prefer doing it in my contact app - in True Phone that seems possible, there’s also some dual sim support).

The app has a Nice clean Layout.

And it works as a replacement app for the default app.

(my wife is using it on her Smartphone [on Android 2.x])

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OK, I’ll give it a try. Can you elaborate on WHY you recommend it?

To respond, reply to this email or visit Contacts, no replacement possible in your browser.

For future readers: (there is no “setting a default app”, like timbuktu said. You can clear the “default setting” of the existing app (in settings/device/apps).

So far I experienced, that works for everything, except for the phone. After reinstalling my whole software, I could select a different phone app, but the actual call you make, is still with the default phone app.
I also doubt you can set any app as contact app, only with True Phone Dialer that worked for me, not for the other contact apps.

I admit, that I didn’t tried it on my fairphone (and i won’t because the Kontakte app is perfect for me), but as you can see in the screenshot, that it’s a possibiliy.

The default app manager is een extra app you have to download.

And it didn’t work for me, not for the Dialer app (and for the Contacts only for some other Contact Apps).

I’m curieus about other experiences, but I’m afraid not many people tried it and what’s more: not many people are going to read until this message in this thread :grinning:

Greetings :wink:

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For future reference:

you always dial with the default dialer, as explained to me by someone at Truecaller:

There are three parts/sequences to a call.

  1. when you receive a call, this we can show with Truecaller and identify the caller
  2. during the call, which uses the native default dialer, restricted, cannot be changed or modded.
  3. after call notifications which both Truecaller and Truedialer shows.