Contacts App on home-screen in FP3

I can access my contacts list in various ways on a new FP3 (eg via chat or email), but how can I get that an icon for that app on the home-screen?

Is this what you are looking for?

No, that didn’t work. I followed the steps 1-6 of “Add a widget”, and all looked well until I released my finger from the screen. Instead of adding the widget, it just opened the contacts app. I tried on both the home-screen, and the next screen, but both produced the same non-working behaviour.

I didn’t find anything in the settings or other menus :frowning:

Just to clarify:
Do you want to put individual contacts on the home screen (so that a contact gets opened when you tap the icon),
or the Contacts App (so that the App gets opened when you tap the icon),
or a Widget (which might add extended features to the home screen)?

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Ah, my bad! I wanted the contacts app, not individuals or the widget. Sorry, I was trying and failing with the widget instructions. Now I read the clear instructions for apps.
So, problem solved, and I should the guides more carefully! Thanks.


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