Contacts always deleted after update

Hello! I have a problem with updating my fairphone. Every time I do that it with the updater, my contacts are deleted. I need to backup them and afterwards restore them every time. Is there any way to circumvent it?
(By the way, some permissons of apps like whatsapp are resetted after each update. I do not know if there is a connection to my main issue with contacts)
I am using Open OS with gapps
Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

Are your contacts stored locally on the phone or are they synced with Google?

Ahh, maybe thats the problem. Surprisingly, they are synchronised with google. How is it possible to change the storage location to SIM-card or SD-card? I dont find it…

With MyPhoneExplorer you could at least copy them from Google to the Internal Storage and delete them at Google …

… Perhaps there’s an even easier way, but I don’t know, because I have MyPhoneExplorer in use anyway for syncing contacts and doing backups of the Internal Storage.

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