Contact list deleted after sign off from Google Play store

Hi there,
I am not really someone who need a lot of apps but sometimes it is necessary to update some. I am usually not logged in on my google account or play store and I do log in just when I need it. So since we have a FP2 we have updated some apps like Signal or WA and when I log out from my google account, the phone tells me, that all contacts will be deleted. And IT IS SO! After the log out all contacts are gone, except two. Mine and my wife.
As Contacts seems to be an app (google?) I think it is due to this. Can anybody help on this issue in order to be able to keep the contacts?
I have saved them now also as VCF but thats not really user friendly.

Thanks in advance for ideas and help.

Joerg from Germany

Moin Fohlenelf,
Kontakte von Google Kontakte einfach exportieren,
Suche dir einen praktischen Adressbuch raus,
Und wieder importieren !
Viel Gl├╝ck !

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