Constant reboots after failed 22.04.0-rel.1 update

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I downloaded the 22.04.0-rel.1 update and since then my phone does not work. It constantly reboots every 10 seconds with black display and there is no way to stop this. I had to put out the battery. Please is there anything I could try to save data? And be able to skip this update?
Thank you.

Some more information:
I cannot power off the phone. It constantly reboots.
When I press right button and lower left button long, it stops rebooting but only shows the start display with the fairphone logo and the blue light signal. It does not start.
Does anyone have advice? Many thanks.

That should actually be the fastboot mode.
You could try to manually flash the 22.04 Version again


Thank you, looks like it worked! I managed to do a manually update and the phone is now working and processing the update. Much appreciated. Profound gratitude for your help.


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