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I have been using the Fairphone 3+, my first Fairphone, for a few months. Before that, I had Xiaomi, HTC, Nokia, etc. I’ve never had so many problems with reception. People tell me all the time that they can’t hear me so well, the connection is often cut off, etc. I’ve never had so many problems with reception. I don’t know if it’s the phone or the provider, but I’ve always had the same one for many years.

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It’s more than likely the phone :frowning: You will find quite a few people with this problem, sometimes it’s intermittent, mine has just resolved itself but for how long I don’t know.

The Fairphone is sensitive due to it’s modular construction to loose connections and damp ingress…

I agree with you, I’ve had phones for well over 20 years and never had as many problem in that time as in one month of Fairphone.

So it may be fair to the miners and workers but doesn’t seem fair to the consumer but hey we can always cope or buy another phone. :slight_smile:

But to the problem! Are you getting this with both network and wifi etc.

How long have you had the phone, and have you updated the software to version 0077?

This is a common problem with the FP3(+) with Android 10. You see many users with similar issues here in the forum.

This is most likely not a hardware issue, but is caused by the firmware of the baseband processor. But you are lucky, your connection is just sometimes cut off; other people have not been able to call at all or experienced crashes and reboots while calling.

But to make it clear: This does NOT happen to all users of FP3(+), it depends on the carrier you are using. Most problems are reported with Vodafone networks and firmwares < v77 (edit)

Before v77 I also was affected by crashes and reboots in almost every phone call (4G / VoLTE, Vodafone Germany). Since v77 this does not happen anymore, just digital audio artefacts and bad audio quality in general.

So Fairphone is working on the issue and making it better step by step. There is nothing we can do as customers, just wait for new firmwares.

Yes, the FP3+ was my first Fairphone, too. And I am sorry that you have the same bad user experience as me.

Let’s hope the next update will make the situation better.

IThank you for your reply, my provider in Austria is Drei, international it’s and belongs to Hutchinson. I use my phone since September 2020 and I had some updates. My last system update was on 16.1. 2021 where can I find the reference to the software?

Thank you, see my answer to amoun.

Oh, yes. You are right :wink:

You can edit your post with the pencil button to correct this kind of mistake. I’ve allowed myself to do it for you :wink:

For example, I have one SIM logged for Vodafone DE network (via reseller 1&1) and even with old firmware I had fine network connection and rarely experienced reboots while calling - so rarely (usually just 1 time within 2-3 months) it does not even bother me.

Also ich habe mein Fairphone 3 jetzt seit einem Jahr und hatte bis dato eigentlich keine Probleme. Ganz am Anfang konnte das Handy zu einem Bluetooth-Gerät keine Verbindung aufbauen, aber auch das funktioniert jetzt.
Demnächst werde ich ein LineageOS installieren, und wenn da was schiefgeht, naja, dann bin ich selber schuld.
Im großen und ganzen bin ich mit dem Fairphone 3 sehr zufrieden.

I’ve had my Fairphone 3 for a year now and haven’t had any problems so far. At the very beginning, the cell phone could not establish a connection to a Bluetooth device, but that works now, too.
I’ll be installing a LineageOS soon, and if something goes wrong, well, it’s my own fault.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the Fairphone 3.


:de: Hallo und willkommen im Forum!

Freut mich zu hören, dass Du keine Probleme hast.
Und falls es beim Umstieg auf LOS Schwierigkeiten geben sollte, findest Du hier im Forum sicher auch zahlreiche Helfer, die sicherstellen, dass Du das zum Laufen bekommst.

:uk: Hello and welcome to the forum!

Good to hear, that your phone is doing fine.
And in case you run into troubles when switching to LOS, you will find lots of great helpers here in the forum. They will make sure, that your transfer will be successful.

All the best!


Hello, I experience similar problems as those described in this post: very bad phone connection. Often my phone shows that the connection is good, and when I place the call, the connection instantaneously becomes so bad that I cannot make the call. And when I am able to call, the person I am calling often cannot hear me well.
I also have issues with sending SMS - this is quite random: some will go out with no problem at all, while others never leave my phone, and sometimes the phone says that the message cannot be sent, but the person has received it, so I cannot trust the information that the phone gives.
So the only thing that works well on the phone is internet, but it is now almost useless for the basic uses that a phone is initially designed for…
I’ve had my Fairphone 3 since Nov 2019. These issues are fairly recent, but have been going on for some months now, and have been getting much worse lately. I changed phone operators as I thought it was due to bad operator coverage after I moved to a new place, but it hasn’t been any better since.
Can anyone please let me know if I can do something to have a workable phone?
Many thanks


I don’t use network connections only wifi. As you say the internet works fine do you mean via the sim or via wifi?

Do you have just the one sim card?
Have you tried running the phone in safe mode or considered a factory reset?

As your phone isn’t two years old yet it is still under warranty have you considered contacting Fairphone support? ~ They will undoubtedly ask you to do a factory reset, so if you have an SD inserted make sure it is formatted as Portable/External and ensure all your personal data is transferred to that before you try a factory reset.

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