Connection with USB to windows 10

I would like to transfer data from my computer (updated windows 10) to Fairphone 3+
When I connect, the notification appears and asks for “file preferences”; I set “transfer files”, but the computer does not see the device.
I have also tried setting “connection controlled by” with “device connected”, but “cannot perform switchover” appears.
What can I do?
Thank you

solved; I turned the computer off and on again.


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for the reminder of an absolute troubleshooting classic :wink: .

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Unfortunately, I tried after wasting over an hour with different cables, Bluetooth, searching for instructions online and whatnot :grin:

Excluding possible causes of an issue by trying and/or researching possible solutions is not a waste of time, even if it’s probably not one’s favourite leisure activity.
It helped you to get there in the end. Triumph! :trophy:

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