Connection to PC etc. ONLY works with USB2

Hi there,
my last phone (Moto Z3 Play) works fine with USB3-Connetion to PC.
So I think, my FP3 uses USB-C, so I can also use USB3, but nothing happens: No Sound from the PC for Connection, no aktivitiy in the Explorer. I`ve updated the ADB-Driver, reboot the PC, reboot the Phone, nothing.
Then I change the connetion to USB2 and: It works.
Maybe that is a fault on my PC…

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AFAIK the FP3 doesn’t have USB3, only USB2.
Check the official specs:

  • USB 2.0 support

That’s true, there is no USB 3.0 in the FP3. If you look into the USB-C connector you will see that the pins for USB 3.0 are missing.

Where did you change this connection type? I am assuming that this is in some program on your computer. PCs should automatically detect it, there should not be any need to change an option for USB 2/3.


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