Connecting to wireless

I can’t find the list of Wi-Fi connections anywhere… All I can do is turn the Wi-Fi on/off but I am not given a list of available connections (though there should be at least two) and cannot find this list in settings anywhere. Any ideas?

Normally you tap on the app Wi-Fi and then a list of Wi-Fi’s close by appears.
The app Wi-Fi is already installed and you can find it in your app’slist.
1 Swipe from side to middle, release on “all apps” icon (six dots in two rows).
2 Go to the app Wi-Fi ( on the second of third page)
3 Click and hold on the app Wi-Fi
4 Release on the screen/place you want it to be.
Thus in future you don’t have to search for the app Wi-Fi

Or you go via Settings and select Wi-Fi.

Ahaa, that was so simple! Thank you :blush:

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