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My Fairphone 2 won’t connect to my home wifi, it keeps sending me the message ‘authentification problem’. Yet the list of available networks includes my home wifi network so why won’t it connect?

Have you deleted and re-configured the Wi-Fi? Is the password right?

What tofra means: tap on the name of your home-network and chose “delete”. Wait until the name appears again and tap on it again. This time type the right password with the exact right spelling …

Sorry tofra for the correction, but you didn’t really mean:[quote=“tofra, post:2, topic:17889”]
deleted and re-configured the Wi-Fi



I moved the topic to #fairphone2help as it is about a specific problem, and not a general discussion.

Thanks, but it would help if your website/forum was clearer about where to put messages. Also, can you tell me what the telephone number for Fairphone office is - the one given on the website doesn’t work from the UK.


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Thanks for you reply, tofra. I haven’t been asked for a password at any point, and how would I delete and re-configure the wi-fi?


Caroline Aistrop

Thank you so much, Spielmops - that’s done the trick and my phone is now connected to the Internet. I’m so pleased as I was getting very frustrated earlier this afternoon and not even The Phone Co-op (the company that is my broadband supplier and which offers the Fairphone to its customers) could tell me how to sort out the problem. So you get my ‘Star of the Day’ award!

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This is the only number they have:

Of course you have to leave away the (0) in brackets.