Connecting the FP2 the explorer shows only the SCcard, not the internal memory

Connecting th FP2 to my windows 10 computer I can access only to the SDcard. How can I access both memories?
In the window USB Connection the fourth option “Mont SD card” is marked.
Changing to the first two options doesn’t help, I cannot access noting.

It should work with MTP, the first option.

Thanks. I did the change when I was connected through USB Functions and I chosse MTP. I disconnect the FP2, restarted it, and then I connected again to the computer.
In the windows explorer I cannot see the FP2.
Then I chose USB connection Mount SD Card, and the SD Card appeared.

Since I have other troubles with the FP2 I will put another topic (phone call: sometimes the FP2 makes a restart) I wonderr if this is related.