Connecting FP4 to a Win10 PC via USB

I’ve the same problem as described in a former (and now closed) post (Connecting Fairphone 4 to a Windows 10 PC via USB):

I used to connect my phone easily by setting the option file transfer, but unfortunately it isn’t working any longer now. I checked the ADB- and added the MTP-USB-driver, but nothing changes. After connecting the FP4 the Explorer shows a quick reaction, but the device is still not visible.

What can I do? Thanks in advance for advice.

I would start with another cable and try a different USB port.

Already done, three times, as well as rebooting the phone.

To connect your Fairphone 4 (FP4) to a Windows 10 PC via USB, follow these steps:

Ensure that your FP4 is charged and turned on.

Connect your FP4 to your PC using a USB cable.

On your FP4, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification shade.

Look for a notification that says “USB for charging” or “USB for file transfer”. Tap on it.

Select “File transfer” or “Transfer files” (depending on your device model and software version).

On your PC, open File Explorer and look for your FP4 under “This PC” or “Computer”.

Double-click on your FP4 to open it and access the files on your device.

To transfer files, simply drag and drop them from your PC to your FP4.

When you’re finished, safely eject your FP4 by right-clicking on it in File Explorer and selecting “Eject”.

Note: If you are having trouble connecting your FP4 to your PC via USB, you may need to download and install the appropriate USB drivers for your device from the Fairphone website or from your phone manufacturer’s website. Additionally, ensure that your phone is set to “Transfer files” and not just “Charging” when you connect it to your PC.

Rachel Gomez

Thanks for your answer, Rachel. I indeed did all those steps except your Note a few times, but the phone does not appear. Where I can find the USB drivers on the Fairphone website? Could you provide me a link? (Can’t find it.)

There are no drivers on the FP Homepage.

Vielleicht hilft das

There are no drivers to be found since Windows already has all needed USB drivers (since Win7 IIRC). Win10 definitely has them already, so there is no point in adding them again

Now about your connectivity problems: There seems to be a Heisenbug with phones (of any brand and model) connecting to computers (of any OS). I know it doesn’t help, but you’re not alone, and nobody has ever understood why or what happens. The good news is the problem can disappear as suddenly as it appeared…

The only explanation I can see is that Android’s MTP protocol implementation is shaky. It definitely isn’t Windows’ fault, since “Can’t connect to my Android phone” is also a popular topic on Linux forums…

More practical, sometimes my computers (Linux, Win11, Mac, I have all) don’t see the phone either, and the solution is usually to disconnect it and reconnect it till they do. Just make sure the phone is unlocked, and do not heed any error messages: Use the file explorer to open the “Fairphone 4 5G” drive and check if it does see anything inside.
@Roland768 in his post below reminded me of another particularity: Sometimes there is just nothing to be done, but since I charge my phone through my laptop I leave it connected, and lo and behold, some time later (could be 5 minutes or more) it suddenly connects!
Hope that helps…

(Edited to add additional information)

As the starter of the original postin I had an unexpected experience just an few days ago on my issue. As I wrote, my described solution won’t work on my business laptop because of missing privileges for the described actions. But some days ago I installed the myphone explorer (on my private PC) and to get it work, I activated the USB debugging. At the next plugin of the Phone to the Laptop (just for charging) , I noticed, that Windows was about to prepare the connection. And after some time of waiting (some more time, because of a phone call with unplugging) after the reconnection the phone was properly connected, and I was able to see the files (after setting the phone to the data exchange mode) even on my business laptop.

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Activating it most likely shook something stuck inside Android loose again… BTW, waiting a longer time is something I forgot to mention above, but I get it too. Sometimes there is just nothing to be done, but since I charge my phone through my laptop I leave it connected, and lo and behold, some time later it suddenly connects…

For the record, I have USB debugging activated too, on all my phones. Initially I did it for MyPhone Explorer (yes…), but then just by habit (my main computer is on Linux now, so I don’t use MyPhone Explorer anymore).

Hi there, good news: I made it finally, with MyPhoneExplorer, BlueTooth-connection and USB-Debugging (probably not relevant for the success?).
So I am happy to be able again to moving files from my phone to my PC. Thanks for your help. :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face:

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