Connecting fp3 to mavic mini drone

Hi, trying to use my fp3 with the remote controller for a mavic moni mini drone. I connect with the cable supplied by mavic but the connection is not recognized. Any suggestions?

Hi Robert,
Just to make sure I’m understanding the rig: you’re connecting the remote controller to the FP3 using a USB cable. Presumably you’ll need to specify (on the phone) what sort of data connection to enable over USB. Go to Settings > Connected devices > USB and choose the mode that Mavic presumably indicate in the user manual. If this info is not available, I would presume PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), but it could just be ordinary file transfer.

Thanks, yes, connecting via a USB cable. That, I think, is where the problem lies. Attached is a screen grab of what happens when I connect. As you will see, both the “controlled by” options are greyed out. When I click on any of the “Use USB for” options it reverts back to “No data transfer”

The USB cable is one that came with the drone.

Also borrowed my wife’s tablet, a Samsung galaxy Tab a, and the controller connects to that with the same cable. Does that mean the problem lies with fp3 software?

Thanks for the additional info. Obviously the phone isn’t seeing any data potential.
Would you check that the FP3 is connecting properly over USB to another device such as PC, for file transfer.
Make sure the USB port on the phone is clean. Vacuum cleaner with small brush tool is a good option, as long as the brush is clean; the bristles will help dislodge any debris. Or wooden or plastic toothpick. Short of that, compressed air (I personally think not so good since you’re likely to push dirt further into the phone).
Also try with a different cable that you’re sure is good for data and not just charging. There may be a slight mismatch between the contacts of the cable and the port.

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Phone connects fine via cable to a PC including data transfer.

I’ve tried two different cables between the phone and the drone controller but neither work.

What does DJI support say?

Took a while to get anything from DJI, but they’ve emailed saying

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support.

We appreciate your time in sending an email to us regarding your concern and we do apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you.

Indeed your device is not yet on the compatibility list, and compatibility tests are required to be carried out. We cannot guarantee that it will 100% work with our software. As there are many models that need to be tested currently, it cannot be resolved in the short term. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for choosing DJI products.

Best regards,

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