Connecting Fairphone to a Linux computer after Cherry V1.6 Storage Update

I just called with support.
If your computer runs on a Linux-adapt then you will have a problem to connect the phone to the computer.
For connecting the phone to the computer the MTP-protocol is used.
This doesn’t work on a Linux-adapt unless you install a package on your phone.
See for more information MTP on a Linux-adapt

Thanks to @Sietse for the quick help on the phone.
He posted this originally here.

After a lot of reading I found the solution.
Luckely I’m using Fedora. If I login with a XFCE-session I can’t see the internal storage.
If I login with a Gnome-session then my computer sees the internal storage.
Try to run a Gnome-session as well on your Linux-adapt and perhaps you’re lucky to.
At the USB computer connection;
Choose ‘MTP’ if you want to connect the internal storage
Choose ‘USB storage’ if you want to connect an external sd-card in your phone.

There is now a support article which links to the MTP solution. It also details connecting to a Windows and Mac.

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