Connected Wifi or 4G but no Internet

Hi everyone.

I’ve got a little problem since my update to Android 6.
Even if I’m connected to my wifi network or 4G, sometimes during few minutes I have no access to Internet.
Both my Wi-Fi and 4G are working since I’m mostly ablue to use them without any issue but at least twice a day, impossible to get anything from Internet even if it seems everything is working as usual.
I’m posting this post on my phone, and unable to share the screenshots I’ve done but you could see several examples of various apps saying there is no connectivity even if the Wi-Fi or data 4G are indicating a working connection.

Any idea?

Sorry for the late reply.

Is it always the same apps that complain about not having an internet connection? If you get this message and go to your browser does it not work either?

Hi, I don’t know what happened, but just today when I woke up and tried to access Facebook through wifi ( which I use daily ), I was just unable to do so. I am always getting this limited wifi error.

What all things I tried to do:

  1. Reset that wifi dongle. Then restore the default configuration.

Tried to access the internet again but no help.

  1. I thought there might be some problem with my phone itself. So restarted the phone.

The only solution which worked for me was to connect my another dlink 4g dongle to my system. Then followed this guide to change the DNS to Google public dns. And now try to connect to the hotspot. Now it is working fine.

Is there any guide on how to change the DNS to custom DNS in fairphone?

Now everything is working fine for me. I just updated my network driver. It was the main culprit.

Your question has nothing in common with the issue reported by the maker of this thread. You should open a new thread instead.

BTW, at the client site it should not be necessary to enter IP addresses of DNS servers manually if your home router and clients are configured to use DHCP. Just modify your routers configuration and set the IP addresses of DNS servers featured by your ISP, and use DHCP for your clients (wifi dongle/smartphone) to obtain the DNS and gateway settings. In a home network, manual configuration of IP addresses for clients should be used only when DHCP does not work reliable and when the issue cannot be fixed for good…


Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, I found the reason: “Greenify”.
I still don’t know why, but the Greenified apps don’t succeed to access internet.
That’s why it was both on Wifi and only with some apps.