Connect fairphone to Ethernet

I want to buy a Fairphone. Before I buy please could someone answer the following two questions?:

How can I connect the Fairphone to the internet via Ethernet cable instead of wifi? I have a Lighting to Ethernet adaptor – could I use that or some other adaptor?

I currently have an iphone 4S with a very long list of Contacts in the Address Book. How do I get all the contacts from the iphone on to the Fairphone? I have a bacup of the iPhone data on my Apple Macbook Pro laptop (May 2010 release). Perhaps I could transfer the contacts across from the bacup on the laptop?

Lightning is not supported as it is specific to Apple; instead the Fairphone supports USB OTG to connect various devices. You can find USB OTG ethernet adapters online; using an OTG cable to connect to a ‘normal’ USB device, would typically also work.

For your contacts, I’d recommend to open a new topic if you can’t find it anywhere else on the forum.


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Some time ago I tested an USB RJ45 adapter, but it wasnt supported at the time :

You could be luckier now that several updates passed, or with different adapter brands/models


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